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At Cisco we are creating a ground-breaking digital platform, opening up new opportunities to help you explore and expand your ideas. Since its launch in 2011, the British Innovation Gateway (BIG) has introduced a variety of national initiatives to support entrepreneurs and technology start-ups and encourage wider collaboration between them. As a critical component to BIG, the National Virtual Incubator (NVI) is a pioneering new network supported by the UK government. The NVI connects incubation centres, research facilities, science parks and academic institutes through its growing number of national bases. These hubs are the NVI nodes.  At these nodes you will be able to gather virtually in an online community and share common interests and goals regardless of physical location. By linking new research with new business innovation across the UK, the NVI will drive collaboration within a wider community.

Purpose of the Cisco National Virtual Incubator

The Cisco UK National Virtual Incubator (the “NVI”) is a flagship initiative of Cisco’s British Innovation Gateway (“BIG”) programme. The purpose of the NVI is to bring organisations together in collaboration to boost levels of UK research, innovation and economic growth through the creation of a network of leading centres of research, innovation and business incubation called “NVI Nodes”. These NVI Nodes will use a common platform of advanced technologies – particularly Cisco’s best-of-breed collaboration technologies including Cisco TelePresence – to work together to design and deliver entrepreneurship and innovation programmes and services to an expanding NVI audience. With the support of the JANET(UK) education and research network infrastructure and services, these NVI Nodes will be located across the United Kingdom (“UK”) and will be linked to relevant and like-minded centres of innovation around the world. Collectively, the organisations responsible for these NVI Nodes will be known as the Cisco NVI Alliance (the “NVI Alliance”). The NVI Alliance itself is not a legal entity, but a group of organisations whose members (“Members”), together with their respective affiliates, will use their NVI Node facilities to achieve the purpose of the NVI. In so doing they will pioneer and promote new approaches to borderless, network-enabled, innovation.


Purpose of the NVI Alliance

The NVI will be implemented under the auspices of the NVI Alliance. The purpose of the NVI Alliance is for its Members to collaborate with each other and with other centres of innovation and research, the higher and further education community, and public, private and social sector organisations to develop and execute plans to implement and fulfil the purpose of the NVI, and to enable all Members to benefit from the NVI on behalf of their respective stakeholders. The central focus of the NVI Alliance is to define and achieve a set of common goals that will support and expedite the creation and growth of start-up companies and small-to-medium enterprises (“SMEs”) and/or social innovation initiatives; particularly, but not exclusively, those focused on network-enabled digital innovation with high growth potential.


The Landing at MediaCityUK is a dedicated 53,000sq ft facility for SMEs. It combines first-class office space with flexible lab and studio environments including integrated Interactive Media Labs and Digital Workflow labs, a stunning media lounge, “OnThe7th”, for events, networking and conferences as well as a range of flexible meeting and board rooms. The Landing aims to help SMEs leverage new technologies, accelerate their business growth and innovate.





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